Children’s Quality of Life on the Decline in the US

June 8, 2010

CNN is running a story highlighting a recent report that children’s quality of life in the US is on the decline.  There are a lot of factors that play into this study, but they directly pointed out:

There is also potential for an uptick in obesity as families with tight budgets move toward lower quality food because of the recession, Land said. Healthy foods tend to be expensive, while processed and fast foods are cheaper and more readily available to some families.

Community engagement will go down as school districts reduce the employment of teachers and cut back programs. The amount of time spent in school may even go down; in 2009, Hawaii became the first state to move to four-day school weeks to save money in the recession.”

(Emphasis mine)

As you can see, the declining budgets in schools have not only the possibility to impact the amount of exercise kids get, but could end up with schools moving to cheaper processed foods.  So with children eating worse at home, and at school, can we really afford to also cut back on gym time?  If we do, what kind of bargain are we making?  Save now in the moment and pay later with a lifetime of ill health and higher medical expenses, not to mention a shorter lifespan?

It’s time to act to prevent this from happening.